i’m going to reiterate what i said yesterday. being a man or identifying with masculinity does not make you inherently bad. it means that you will be afforded structural benefits the rest of us lack. it means that others will present you with countless opportunities to engage in misogyny. it means…


I saw these cool guys at the aquarium today


Photography, 2014 | by Garmonique



what kind of guys get into equestrian?



Italian infantry armor ca. 1571 (x)

im so annoyed rn

i accidentally burned some popcorn in the microwave that i was making as a snack for me and garrus and it was really smoky and gross so i put it in a box and set it outside my front door for literally 4 minutes while i turned on a couple fans, remade popcorn, and got dressed to take it to the dumpster

and when i went outside it was already gone. and this isnt the first time this kind of shit has happened. there is a woman who roams the apartments all day and nags people to pick up things or takes things they leave out and throws them away then complains to management about the tenants

she doesnt even work here, she just does this every day for her own enjoyment i guess? one day josh and i were moving a couch outside to load into a friends truck and she started complaining, saying we need to make sure to throw it away and not leave it there 

like…mind your own fucking business lady, i dont need your nosy ass coming over to my home and telling me what to do with my stuff and then tattling on me like were in 3rd fucking grade

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research something for months or even years and you’ll be told you’re not qualified to self-diagnose, despite knowing more about your specific conditions than your average therapist

mention you have a trigger and suddenly those same people become experts in exposure therapy without any prior research or consent


[lawyer voice] the prosecution makes a compelling argument, but have you considered this *puts middle finger up*



"I am the dark goddess who shows the way

Who strides like a lion in the darkness.”